Posted on October 13, 2010


by guest poster – “KL”

 Day Three:   So all day I’ve been in a bad mood.  Like, everything is crappy.  Like an I feel like kicking ass and taking names bad mood.  Should I associate the dark clouds above my head to what’s on my feet because I REALLY, REALLY want to.

I feel like I’ve lost a sense of my power, which always came so easily when I’m in high heels.  My feet have hurt more this week, wearing flats, than they ever did when I’m wearing my highest stilettos!  And as any woman will tell you, nothing puts us in a pissy mood faster than sore feet!

I have also noticed that my body language has even changed.  When in heels, I stand up straighter, shoulders back, etc, etc.  In flats, I’m hunched over when walking… but again, that may be because I’m just in a foul mood.  Call me Quasimodo.

Dear Wednesday, please tell Saturday to hurry up and get here. 

And to my dear friend, Danyelle, you better make those cookies EXTRA buttery and sugary to help me forget about this traumatic experiment!!

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