Posted on October 19, 2010


after a day that ended with just about everyone possible pissing me off, i was extremely excited to get home and throw on some comfy clothes and veg.  so i ran upstairs and threw on some elastic-waisted pants & a long sleeve shirt (certainly never suitable for company, of course).

after contemplating just plopping into bed and staying there, i realized i was wearing this…

um, yea.  it may as well have looked like this…

but i’m in a pissy mood, cold, tired and hungry.  and i have a headache.  so, i’m not changing b/c I DON’T WANNA!!

(but i will burn these pants.)  (hmmm…  so that’s what a tantrum feels like.)

EDIT:  824pm

and so i’ve now burned my hand on a steaming hot pan.  this day could only be made better by a horrific date.  maybe i should call that guy that found it necessary to talk for two hours about the two phones he “always” carries with him. b/c apparently, they make an app for that.

nothing like a full day of torture, right?!

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