Posted on November 2, 2010


so he ate some chocolate.  i’m guessing it was in retaliation of this…

perhaps “some” is an understatement b/c i continued to find wrappers after he pooped and vomited.  he seemed to be ok.  i chalked it up to the same upset tummy as when he ate nearly an entire 5-lb bag of m&m’s that one christmas.  but then, suddenly, it wasn’t the same…

i tried to get him in the bath, but he wouldn’t budge.  so i picked him up and he couldn’t hold his head up.  it was almost like picking up a baby, but not supporting baby’s head… FLOP!  so i freaked out a little.  and i called his vet.  and after wrapping him up like a fuzzy little baby, i drove perhaps a tiny bit too fast to the animal hospital. 

cue chaos.  iv’s.  hurried language.  books.  needles.  fluids.  STAT! 

i’ve learned not to mess around with the addison’s.  it can be deadly and i just don’t take chances with dex and his health. 

the first round of tests showed super low blood pressure, low cholesterol and wayWAYway low albumin.  funny enough, it’s totally unrelated to his addison’s, as well as unrelated to the chocolate eating.  and as i read out there on the interwebs…

there are only four ways a patient can develop a low albumin level:

1.    a protein-losing enteropathy
2.   glomerular disease in which albumin is lost through diseased kidneys
3.   reduced albumin production in the liver due to liver failure
4.   serum leakage through extreme skin damage

so far, the vet has ruled out #2 (kidneys are fine) and #4 (no third degree burns or gashes).  #1 has pretty much been ruled out now b/c #3 is the most likely candidate, though “failure” has been taken off the table. 

so, it’s dexter’s liver.  it’s not happy.  why?  not sure.  certainly won’t know until more tests are run and a biopsy is done.  how much more can this poor pup take?!  how much more can i take his puppy dog eyes looking at me like i’m the horrible woman who is making him stay locked up in a cage!?!  (today, he had a snowman blanket, so that kinda makes up for a tad of all that’s going on.) 

he may be able to come home today.  until we can figure out exactly the root cause of his low albumin and unless he takes another doggy nose dive, there’s not much sense in keeping him locked up somewhere cold and clinical. 

i miss him and silly monkey misses him…

mommy, can we stay with dexy?  i don’t want him to stay here.
oh no, silly monkey.  we’d have to stay here a long time.
is dexy going to go be with wisper?  i don’t want him to go be with wisper.
i don’t know, monkey.  his doctor’s will try their best to make him all better.