Posted on November 18, 2010


i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…

I LOVE SHUTTERFLY!!!  (bloggers – stick around for an amazing giveaway.)

for the past four holiday seasons, i’ve put a ton of thought into the holiday card.  but two things remain the same:

1.  they are shutterfly creations
2.  they are plastered with silly monkey

2010 is no different.  this past week, i started the shutterfly process of “assembling” my holiday card.  the array of designs can be a bit overwhelming – kind of like a restaurant menu that’s entirely too big when all i want is a friggin’ salad and blech!  i HATE arugula and frisee and those strawberries belong on my dessert plate.  wait… where was i?

this was last year’s holiday card (minus the little privacy edits, of course).

i loved the traditional reds, greens and blues in the not so traditional shades.  i was able to completely customize my text (with the exception of “merry wishes”, which i wanted to stay) and i think the total tab ended up at about 30 cents per card.  not too shabby.

the 2008 card was pretty rad, as well.  it was designed by erin condren, my fave designer of those featured on shutterfly (my work in progress for 2010 is actually one of her designs, as well).  her cards all have these whimsical patterns in slightly retro styles with definite retro colors.  the fonts are to die for!  love them!!!

the only thing i hate about this card is that it had M’s name on it.  it was a moment of weakness during a seriously misguided attempt at a reconciliation – though i’m not sure how much work was done on either of our parts, but that’s a totally different story (and probably already told if you search the archives).

anyway, these were slightly more expensive (almost $2 per card if you factor in shipping), but oh so worth it.  instead of photo paper, these were on card stock.  and beautiful.

my love for shutterfly doesn’t just rest on my holiday cards…

* prints & enlargements have been a main staple in my home since silly monkey came along.  in fact, each year, i order an 11×17 collage print with 13 photos – one each from every month of the year and a large birthday photo in the center.  it’s amazing to see how much monkey changes over the course of a year.

* MUGS!  i’m still using the mug i designed two years ago, with the very same photo i used on my 2008 holiday card.

* photo books – as in the one i created for my mom shortly after she was diagnosed with GBM.  sure, it made her cry, but it also made her recall memories from long ago that she otherwise would have never been able to remember.

* folded greeting cards get super personalized during the holidays (especially for those who celebrate hanukkah) and/or as thank yous and/or as birthday cards.

i guess the whole point of this post is to affirmatively confirm that i’ll definitely be ordering my 2010 holiday cards from shutterfly.  and i can’t say any more about how wonderful the services at shutterfly have been to me for years, now.  oh, and then there’s this…

bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from shutterfly – click HERE for details.