Posted on November 27, 2010


ohhh… look!  your stocking, silly monkey.
i don’t like it.
what do you mean “you don’t like it?”  you’ve had this since you were an itty bitty baby.
i don’t like it.  can i just use yours?
um, no.  mine has my name on it.
well, let’s get a new one for me, then.
but, i don’t like mine.

** side note:  his stocking has classic pooh on it, with green swirls and snow flakes.  i saw it right after his first christmas and snapped it up for 50% off.  i’ve always been a HUGE fan of winnie the pooh.  one of my very first stuffed toys was a small pooh bear – and i still have it.  over the years, i amassed quite a collection, made worse by gifts from M.  (and while the collection was large, i certainly wasn’t that girl that put them in her car or tattooed one on her hip.)  just this past year, i packed up all of them (minus my first pooh bear and a few books i read to monkey) and donated them.

anyway… i fell in love with the stocking.  and once silly monkey turned two and became obsessed with things on wheels, i knew the days that stocking would happily sit out were numbered.  apparently, it’s time has officially run out.  **

i’m sorry, monkey.  we can turn it around so it’s just green.
how about you make a costume for it?
a costume?
yea.  a thomas costume.

and so, then and there, on a bright yet frosty saturday morning, the pooh bear stocking was given a thomas costume…

ok… so it’s more like a cuff.  or a sleeve.  or a blanket.  but silly monkey is THRILLED.  he says it’s the coolest stocking costume ever!