Posted on January 20, 2011


a good friend of mine told me i needed to “get back to that blog thing” i have.  of course, this is from a girl who PROMISED me that she would guest blog her week of wearing flats, yet pooped out after, like, two days.

but i digress.  i really should get back to blogging b/c it’s strangely therapeutic sometimes.  and i do have a whole hell of a lot of crap going on right now.  the problem is… i really don’t want to publicize a lot of the crap going on right now.

it’s not all bad.  in fact, 99.9% is pretty fantastic.  but i just don’t feel ready to “put it out there”, which is weird b/c i almost always just “put it out there” in a shameless iAMnotAprivacy craved person kind of way.  and the .1% that is not so good (which still doesn’t make it bad)… well, that is definitely staying put… away from my keyboard and the interwebs.  it reallyTRULY is not THAT bad, it’s just super personal, so i’ll retain a smidge of privacy in that regard.

so i haven’t blogged in awhile.  that’s really not THAT true.  i have blogged.  i just haven’t hit “publish”.  mostly b/c my most recent attempts to do so have been about cosmetics and hating the snow.  and let’s face it, i think everyone is tired of hearing me talk about makeup and this craptastic weather we’re having in the lovely ohio valley.  am i wrong?!

so what’s new?


*  i’ve been sick.  for over a week.  it started with a tickle in my throat and now it’s turned into some crazy copd-ish type of cough and holy crap… really?  still sick.  so over it.

*  i bought some amazing mascara primer from lancome.  cils booster xl to be exact.  love it!  makes a $7 tube of mascara behave like none other.  also trying dior diorshow blackout.  not sure how i feel about it yet.  wanting to try the shiseido the makeup mascara primer, but i believe it has gone discontinued.  shame.  and looky here… more talk on makeup.  surprise!!!

*  i started spending a teensy bit of time with someone who i like spending time with.  and talking to.  funny how things happen.  and where they land.

*  i sortaKINDA saw a chick get hit by a car while out on new year’s eve.  ok.  so i didn’t see her actually get hit, but i did see her face planted on the ground immediately after.  don’t jaywalk, while drunk, across a very busy street in downtown columbus.  on second thought… just don’t jaywalk.

*  i saw “country strong” with my sister last weekend.  good flick.  terrible reviews, but i was pleasantly surprised.  cannot say the same for “how do you know”.  and how do i know?  b/c i saw that too and it was a piece of crap flick.

*  monkey’s birthday is coming up in a few months.  yep.  in 4 months, he will officially be a big boy… FIVE YEARS OLD!!!  the party pre-planning has begun.  so far, he’s decided he wants a lego theme.  with harry potter.  and a bike.  with thomas the train.  and golden streamers.  and why golden streamers?  b/c they are “magic”, that’s why.

so see…

no one has missed a thing except my whining and complaining.

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