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alternate post title = OH, LOOK!  ANOTHER POST ON MAKEUP AND CRAP…

so i thought i was done with the posts on cosmetics & such, at least for a while, but i’ve gotten some strange reactions to my most recent foray (which isn’t very recent at all, considering i’ve been doing it for years now), that i had to share.  so  here’s one beauty secret that doesn’t really require secretivity. 

eyelash perming.

yep.  lash perming!!

you see, i have very typical, straight & coarse asian lashes.  they’re long enough, but will not hold a curl for crap.  i’m one of those gals that has to curl the lash, mascara the lash, then curl the lash again.  and then i just end up with very unhealthy, crimped lashes that STILL fall after a few hours.  and let’s not even get into how much mascara i use.

a few years ago, i discovered lash perming while watching one of those silly makeover shows on TLC or whatnot.  i was fixated on how much it changed the look of the gal’s lashes.  almost from nothing to falsies.  and then i needed it.  needed it!

while waiting for my aesthetician, i noticed her menu included eyelash perming, so i scheduled a follow-up appointment to do it.  and i fell in LOVE with it.  it creates a very natural looking curl (dependant on the size of the rod) and stays until the lashes fall out.  for a while there, i was having it done every 2-3 months.  and then i stopped for long period of time while i was pregnant (and totally non-glowy) and had monkey.  at that point, i assumed “mom” beauty, meaning whatever i could get on my face in the five minutes he was quiet was the glamour of the day (oh how i envied the naturally glamorous single mom.)

which then brings us to today… er last week, when i started perming the lashes again. 

the process: 

* a short self-adhesive rod is placed at the base of the top lashes and affixed with a tiny bit of false eyelash glue.  (some won’t need the glue.  however, the sticky stuff on my rods wasn’t all that sticky and wouldn’t stick to all of my lashes, considering how coarse they are.  better safe than sorry.  i don’t want my lashes sticking every which way.)  the lashes are then separated on the rod to be sure they are not crossed in any way.  how the eyelashes are placed on the rod is exactly how they will appear after the perming is complete.   (side note:  rods come in a bevy of sizes.  i’ve been using the “large” ones b/c they create a lift & curl look.  smaller rods on my lashes would create a curl-curl, which may or may not make my lashes touch my forehead.)

* a “wave” solution is applied, carefully, to the upper lashes.  this is a diluted solution, but still smells every bit like the typical perm.  it’s gross, though you get pretty used to it after a minute or so.  this sits for 15-35 minutes.  (about 20 minutes for me)

* a neutralizer is applied.  i’m telling you, this is just like a hair perm.  this sits for 15-35 minutes.  (about 20 minutes for me)

* optional step:  apply the nutrient rich serum.  not exactly sure what this does, but it sounds like a good step. 

* remove the rods.  this can be a bit tricky.  if you’ve used any type of lash glue, you’re going to have to use lash glue remover – water is not going to cut it.  also, do not attempt to “pick off” any of the leftover glue b/c your lashes will come with it.  and then you’ll have very visible bald patches.  not that i’ve ever done that…

* wash your face.  (b/c you just should.  you just had chemicals on your eyes, for gracious sakes.)

and voila! 

perfectly curled lashes.

crappy photo.  i know.  but you get the point, right?

i still apply a primer (lancome cils booster xl) and mascara (currently layering** dior diorshow blackout and l’oreal voluminous million lashes – two of the best mascaras on the market) b/c, well, i’ve never exactly been accused of being the “natural” look kind of gal.  but now i get to skip the very bent up curl of even my most prized shu umera eyelash curler. 

the things i do for beauty.  (and then continue to do.  over & over & over…)

** applying a mascara primer & then layering two different mascaras will give your lashes a more clean & dramatic look.  primer plumps up your lashes and the layering creates long, voluminous and defined lashes with less risk of clumping.  i also recommend a metal lash comb, like the sonia kashuk comb/brush combo (just be careful b/c it will scratch your eyelids if you don’t use it properly.) 

i should have been a makeup artist.  is it too late now?

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