Posted on January 31, 2011


my teeth hurt. 

i’ve somehow made the connection that if i can’t give up my coffee/tea habit, i must whiten whiten whiten these teeth.  not that they’re that un-white, they just aren’t super white.  yet. 

several years ago, i went to the dentist, had a mold made and wore a whitening try every night, overnight, for several nights (every other month) until my teeth rivaled the whiteness of bright white paper.  they may have even glowed.  and i loved it.  when i’m a happy girl, i’m a smiley girl and i reallyREALLY want that smile to  be white as white can be. 

instead of going that route, i took the crest white strips challenge.  and i am failing miserably. 

my teeth hurt!

i’ve only done it four times over the past two weeks.  i haven’t been able to do it more than one day in a row and usually have 3-4 days in between. 


perhaps they’re too “strong” (i got the professional 3d).  perhaps i can’t wear them for the full 30 minutes.  or perhaps my teeth are just too sensitive.  whatever it is…

my teeth hurt!!!!

but, on the plus, they are significantly whiter.  which makes me happy.  and is THE ONLY reason i won’t be stopping.  quite yet. 


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