Posted on January 31, 2011


it was a good weekend…

friday (night) was lovely.  lovely.  so yea, let’s just go with that.

saturday was quasi date night with my sister, mich.  we took in a showing of “no strings attached”, which i surprisingly loved (in spite of ashton kutcher and his full-fledged grating self).  and then a late night meal complete with… wait for it… RED MEAT!  i know!  crazy!!  i haven’t eaten red meat in… (thinking entirely too long about this)… forever!  and half of it is still in my fridge.  and will likely end up in the trash. (yay for waste.)

today, sunday, was a good day.  i had some quality time with my bro, J, which i rarely get considering he’s been in an accelerated nursing program for the past two years and never has time for me.  our “quality time” usually consists of an hour or so in front of his computer proofreading papers or me cooking him something to eat. quickly.  so today was nice… shopping, chatting, tv watching and dinner.

other things that made me happy over the past 48 hours…

* having two very intelligent & strong women confirm that i am intelligent and strong.  specifically for not compromising who i am for what i want.

* scoring a leapfrog tag system for 50% off.

* finding lace up ankle boots.  with buckles.  on sale.  with extra sale on top of sale.

* snagging two pairs of gap jeans for $18.  and a gap bra for $10.  (though sufficiently unhappy that the leggings have disappeared from the store.)

* was mistaken for 25 (and considering how hard i took my 30th and 31st bdays, this takes the cake!).  the guy never said a word to me (just stared), but asked J for details as i walked away.  he was told to specify that he, too, was single.  i just had to laugh (not AT him.  i’m not THAT evil.)… i’ve never been picked up through my brother.

* being able to enjoy a latte while monkey played quietly with thomas trains at barnes & noble.  whoever put that starbucks in there is a genius (though the annoying chick that chatted with her annoying friend/customer while she was supposed to be making my coffee, yet stood around chatting annoyingly for far too long while not making my coffee almost negates this happy thing.  still debating on the status.)!!

so some of this weekend was fleeting.  so what.  i’m smiling.

and i deserve it.