Posted on February 21, 2011


a friend of mine just texted me…

“you listen to the strangest crap.  ever.  ludacris next to frou frou next to cascada next to sara mclachlan?  how does that not give you a headache?”

the thing is, i can listen to almost ANY genre of music.  yep, even country (though after hardcore rap, it may be my least favorite).

this is my most recent playlist (mostly on rotation at the office).

i will be, leona lewis
blackbird, sara mclachlan
paper planes, mia
fuck you, cee-lo
let go, frou frou
breathe in, frou frou
ohh la la, goldfrapp
love save the empty, erin mccarley
pony, erin mccarley
evacuate the dance floor, cascada
technologic, daft punk
where’s your head at, basement jaxx
red alert, basement jaxx
breathe, anna nalick
everythings just wonderful, lily allen
everybody’s changing, keane
we might as well be strangers, keane
somewhere we only know, keane
grace kelly, mika
hide & seek, imogen heap
i am in love with you, imogen heap
the moment i said it, imogen heap
better in time, leona lewis
across the universe, rufus wainright
winter song, sara bareilles & ingrid michaelson
sort of, ingrid michaelson
the luckiest, ben folds
fidelity, regina spektor
where i stood, missy higgins
going north, missy higgins
lovesick mistake, erin mccarley
gotta figure this out, erin mccarley
it’s not that easy, erin mccarley
everybody, ingrid michaelson
maybe, ingrid michaelson
be ok, ingrid michaelson
white horse, taylor swift
back to december, taylor swift
super bass, nicki minaj
the show, lenka
pumpkin soup, kate nash
make you feel my love, adele
put your records on, corinne bailey rae
i want to know what love is, mariah carey
king of anything, sara bareilles
ice cream, sara mclachlan
possession, sara mclachlan
sweet surrender, sara mclachlan
a sorta fairytale, tori amos
cornflake girl, tori amos
yeah, usher
oh my gosh, usher
how low can you go, ludacris

it’s amazing variety… no?  so, what am i missing?  tell me, tell me!!

** post title = friedrich nietzsche, in götzen-dämmerung (twilight of the idols)

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