Posted on February 28, 2011


late last week, i got into the mindset that i was going to cleanCLEANclean the crap out of my house.  we’re already packed in there like sardines, what with my sister staying with us, and i just continue to come across junk i’ve held onto for days (a half ripped envelope), weeks (an expired flyer for carpet cleaning), months (a broken pen) or even years (see below) that inevitably ends up in the trash b/c i just can’t look at it anymore. 

take the black & white bowl, for instance.  it’s pretty enough.  shallow enough for candy.  i think it was actually meant to be a candle holder (but quite frankly, it would make a really ugly candle holder).  but i’ve had it collecting dust on the top shelf of my pantry since 2008.  i’ve hesitated to toss it b/c it matches the kitchen/dining/living room decor.  but i don’t  use it.  so why can’t i get rid of it?

monkey and i went through his room with the intention of getting rid of a lot of stuff.  he agreed to give up his powerwheels jeep b/c it’s too small for him.  he also agreed to give up his trike b/c he wants a “cool bike” for his bday.  but when it came to the little things… he just couldn’t let go. 

alright, monkey.  keep or donate?
[army men] keep
[giant toddler tonka trucks] keep
[alphabet pal] keep
[counting pal] keep
[small dump truck] keep.  no… donate.  but i want to keep the big one.
is there anything we can donate?
monkey, this is a mcdonald’s toy.
it’s still cool to play with.  see.  let’s keep it.

it was proving to be a difficult task, so with a half full basket with all of four toys in it, i gave up and headed into my own room. i stood in my closet staring at my shoes for what seemed like an hour.  keep.  keep.  keep.  keep.  keep times a thousand.  monkey came in and stood next to me.

mommy, what are you doing?
trying to see if i can donate any of these.
those shoes?
how about all of them?
get rid of all of them?  um.  no.
but there are kids that don’t have shoes.  they need them.
that’s sweet, monkey, but i don’t think they need 4″ heels.
what about 2″ heels?
do you have any of those.
ok.  let’s go play.

and at that, our pre-spring cleaning was complete.