PHOTO 365: DAY 1 – “CHESE”…

Posted on March 9, 2011


a year’s worth of photos.  one per day.  every day.  and post.

i certainly take enough photos that would make this feat pretty feasible, but will i actually be non-lazy enough to do it?  and post them?  i dunno, but let’s take a stab, shall we?

DAY ONE:  monkey is doing exceptionally well with his handwriting, but still gets a tad confused about placement & the obvious scale of the letters.  i get almost as excited to see his name written on the back, than i do of the artwork itself.  this is what i picked up at school this morning…

a lovely finger-painting.  as i flipped it over, i broke into tear forming laughter.

C.  H.  E.  S.  (big GIGANTIC ass) E!

monkey swapped the “a” for an “e” (although it’s a fabulous “e” if i say so myself!).  oops.

so, today’s photo is brought to you by “chese”. say hello to “chese”, everybody!

(btw, i asked monkey about it and we both had a good laugh.  he recognized his error immediately and we shrugged it off b/c quite frankly, it’s really not that big of a deal b/c holyHELL he writes his name like a pro!  well, he writes “chese” like a pro, anyway!!)

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