PHOTO 365 – DAY 2: DR DRE…

Posted on March 10, 2011


i fully intended to open this post with a lovely smattering of dr. dre “lyrics” from some random song that i surely loved back when i was in high school, like, 5 years ago (shut up).  however, while delving into the vast album history of dr. dre and his “lyrics”, i was left with a sense of… well, nothing appropriate.  so, why dr. dre?

DAY TWO:  this is my external hard drive…

(hey, no one said they had to be good pictures.)

i inherited this lovely & extremely useful tool from my bro, when i inherited his tiny little dell notebook (which i still love and use) for several hundred dollars, several hundred years ago… huh?  what?  on one occasion he needed to borrow the xHD and when he returned it, dr. dre’s face was plastered on the front.  i thought it was interesting and particularly humorous, so i left it there.  and it’s still stuck there, to this day.  my own little dr. dre xHD.

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