Posted on March 13, 2011


it’s no secret.  i am in LOVE with chobani greek yogurt.  when i see it on the shelf, i usually clear it out.  that might sound like a lot, but truthfully, it really only means i get a handful to plop into my grocery cart.  the stuff is uber popular.  and super tasty.

my favorite, so far, is the peach.  it’s the most amazing combination of sweet and tart all in a creamy non-yogurty tasting base.  and the fact that it boasts at least 14g of protein is my absolute favorite part.  after the peach, i equally love the blueberry and black cherry.  after that, the pineapple.  (though i would probably love it even more if i just added chunks of pineapple to plain chobani) (why?  b/c the mixture made my throat hurt, which i’ll blame on the acidity of the fruit’s juice.)  i am not a fan of the strawberry or the raspberry (not enough fruit) and am dying to try the lemon & honey.  i would have been enjoying the pomegranate one, but my brat of a sister stole it today.

there’s this whole new movement of adding stuff to the chobani yogurt – oats, granola, etc (check out their fb page).  until today, i had yet to try adding anything.

DAY FIVE:  meet chobani black cherry topped with crumbled sugar cone (shut up!  it’s was the only crunchy item i had in the pantry besides pringles.  and ew with the pringles.)…


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