Posted on March 15, 2011


while perusing the grocery store & being uber annoyed that the chobani was full-out OUT of stock, my sis and i ran across this baby…

DAY SEVEN:  behold!  the blueberry jelly belly bean car air freshener.

i’ve always been fond of jelly bellies (with the major exception of the popcorn flavor.  um.  ewww.).  not such a fan of regular jelly beans, but their tiny little cousins are tasty.  i once went to the jelly belly factory and snapped up a giant supply of belly flops (jelly bellies that didn’t quite make the cut).  all in all, they just gave me a sugar high and my very own jelly belly.  monkey loves them, too, but when i cut out artificial dyes from his diet, these babies went in the trash.  he hasn’t really seemed to notice, what with his fixation on mint and all. 

anyway, we smelled all six seven eight (?) of these things and they all smelled just as their real counterparts taste.  we stood there for a good 5 or 6 minutes before deciding on the blueberry (over pomegranate).  i totally forgot about it until i got in my candy scented car this morning.  yum.  made me want sugar.  BAD sugar!!!


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