Posted on March 18, 2011


silly monkey is a pretty picky eater so getting enough protein into his diet has always been a huge concern.  at nearly FIVE YEARS OLD (nooooooo!!!), he’s barely 40 pounds.  in fact, depending on the day, he can register as low as 38.5 pounds.

he is quite good at letting me know when he’s starved himself for long enough, but he really should eat more.  he is not a fan of meat, but will down the regular hebrew national hot dog and/or few bites of chicken here & there.  at a recommended minimum protein gram intake of 14.4g, monkey is probably (PROBABLY!) ok, considering he drinks approximately 16 ounces of milk per day (totaling 14g) .  but most nutrition experts recommend much more (some up to 32g  –  or about .8g per pound of body weight) to maintain health.

DAY TEN:  enter bolthouse protein plus

one 8 ounce serving of this chocolatey goodness boasts 16g of protein and more calcium than a cup of milk.  it’s a blend of soy and whey (milk) protein and is NOT chalky tasting at all.  and monkey LOVES it!  it’s very similar to silk soy milk, but better! there is no artificial coloring or flavor and it is sweetened with apple juice – no high fructose corn syrup!!!  (it has no apple taste, whatsoever.)

since there is so much amazing protein (as well as lots of other good vitamins & minerals), monkey gets one 8 ounce serving each morning, with one 8 ounce serving of lactose free milk at night.  so far, so good, with no lactose issues.

the only downside is the price – about $4.50 for 32 ounces.  yikes!!

i signed up for the bolthouse newsletter and promptly received a “thank you” from an actual person, via email.  in it, i asked if they ever provided coupons.  and now, i eagerly await my promised little discounts!!

there’s also a fruit version (mango), which i’m dying to try.  honestly, if a case or thousand of these showed up on my doorstep, i would so NOT be disappointed!

thank you, thank you, bolthouse farms!

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