Posted on March 23, 2011


i am equal opportunity when it comes to shoes.  sure, i love my jimmy choo’s.  i adore my manolos.  and i’m more than partial to seychelles, calvin klein, bcbg, north face, coach, converse and, of course, (my favorite mary jane maker) dolce vita.  BUT… i also have a plethora of others that are less extravagant and less expensive.

DAY FIFTEEN:  presenting the (left side of the) shoe stash…

i’m sure you’ll notice the jessica simpsons, the steve maddens, the candie’s and even the grey target-brand boxes.  my point is… I LOVE SHOES.  all shoes.  every type, brand and quality.  do i prefer designer labels?  sure.  do i shop more for style than for price tag?  absolutely.  would i rather wear leather or suede with a  leather lined sole?  sure.  is  it a deal-breaker if they’re synthetic?  absolutely not.

[side note #1:  while i haven’t crazily purchased more than four new pairs in the past 6 months, i did purge this collection just this weekend, putting 8 pairs of shoes in the bag to be donated. ]

oh.  and by the way, that isn’t all the shoes.  the shelf continues to the right for quite a while – housing more heels, wedges and a near ceiling high stack of boots.  and below the shelf houses several more stacks of boxes – though mostly athletics, casuals and flats.

like i said… I LOVE SHOES!! (and purses, but i didn’t photograph that collection.  yet.)

[side note #2:   you can obviously tell my shoes size (6.5 or 7, usually), you know, in case you want to send me a little something just for being me…]

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