Posted on March 24, 2011


my child is obsessed with star wars.  and if the star wars guys are lego, even better.  i take zero credit.  (or is it blame?)  i’m sure his dad has something to do with this, as does my brother. 

lately, he has been carrying around his annakin skywalker lego figure.  everywhere.  to the store.  to the bathroom.  to bed.  if he can’t find it b/c it got lodged somewhere in the couch while he was jumping around – TOTAL FREAK OUT!! 

DAY SIXTEEN:  we’ve been “window shopping” for his birthday.  last night, he saw this and instantly insisted we take it home…

yep.  a purposely dented, talking boba fett helmet.  of course, right?!  b/c we all NEED one of those!

[and yes, i let monkey sit in the back of the cart (which he refers to as the front).  he is too heavy for me to willfully shove his two giant feet attached to two skinny legs into the tiny little holes in the front, so it’s easier for my barely 5’3″ frame to swing him over the side, into the back.  of course, when there’s a tv cart to rent, we just do that.]