Posted on March 26, 2011


DAY EIGHTEEN:  i shoplifted this flower. 

but not on purpose.  let me explain…

around the holidays, we encountered a huge selection of these cute little fabric flowers that you can clip onto your christmas tree.  silly monkey thought it looked like a flower i would wear in my hair b/c, well…

i wear giant flowers on my head!

anyway… i clipped it into my hair, finished shopping, paid and left.  i rushed my new crap into the car, as well as silly monkey b/c it was cold and rainy.  we got home and i retreated to my room to change and noticed that damn flower was still in my hair – completely unpaid for. 

i felt horrible.  and then i didn’t, considering i don’t know how many times i’ve been ripped off by a store by overpaying for something on sale and/or being double charged when i wasn’t paying attention.  and then i started to feel terrible, again, b/c i am NOT A THIEF!!

i left the house a few minutes earlier than normal the next morning to bring it back to the store and pay for it. 

$1.99 plus tax.  pretty cheap for a clean conscience. 

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