Posted on April 8, 2011


this morning, i tweeted the following:  “karma is a super bitch.  the energy you give to this life is the energy you get back.  and “my” sun shines everyday…”

and i truly believe it.  karma has an amazing way of coming back to bite you in your ass for all the awful things you send out into this world.  be a worldly asshole, watch out.  of course, i tweeted it with someone else in mind – someone who fully takes from the world and never gives back, someone who refuses to be good just for the sake of being good, someone who still, after years & YEARS of being proven otherwise, believes they are entitled to receive the best of everyone else.  but it got me thinking…

i’m still not sure what horrible thing(s) i did to deserve ten years with M.  then again, those ten years of awful gave me silly monkey, so karma may have gotten me for something terrible i did as a teen, but then rewarded me for subjecting me to something worse than misery for a decade!  who knows.  if we knew how karma actually worked, we’d all behave as perfect angels, right?

i like to think that i’m a good person.  i am a great mom.  i am a great sibling.  and i am a great friend.  if you need me, i am here.  if i say i will do something, i do it.  if i love you, i’m your biggest cheerleader.  i am sympathetic.  i am empathetic.  if i don’t love you, well… i’ll still help you fix your grammar errors.

so yea, i like to think that i’m a good person.  no.  i take that back.  i KNOW i am a good person.

DAY THIRTY ONE:  later in the day, this happened…

i’m not talking about being stuck at a red light.  or the shitty storm clouds that brought on a shit-ton of rain.  i’m speaking of that massive crack in my windshield.  the third i’ve had this year.  the second i’ve gotten while in my car fulfilling my impatience to drive around the idiot in front of me that refuses to actually go the speed limit.  in the fast lane!!

i tried to be mad.  i mean, i really, really, really wanted to be mad.  but all i could do was laugh.  b/c really?!!

so maybe that’s karma’s way of telling me to slow down.  stop trying to get “there” so quickly.  quit bein’ a bitch to my fellow highway travelers. or maybe they’re just random rocks that find my car ultra pretty.  whatever it is, i’ve already promised karma that i’ll work on the road patience.  especially considering i’m not sure how many times my insurance will pay to fill in those cracks.