Posted on April 10, 2011


as silly monkey’s bday party approaches, i am chronologically crossing all of the prep items off of my to-do list.  yesterday was fondant.  i melted, mixed, kneaded and tripled wrapped three pounds worth of “from scratch” marshmallow fondant.  today’s task was to make the buttercream icing.

monkey likes to help me sift things, so that’s usually his job.  his second job is to turn the mixer on, which he does flawlessly.

since buttercream really takes no time at all, he’ll stand next to the mixer and wait for me to give him the beater so he can lick the frosting off.

DAY THIRTY THREE:  today, he wasn’t so patient…

impatience + yummy frosting = child’s tongue directly on mixer (see:  upper left of photo)

(when i asked him why he couldn’t wait, he told me he didn’t do anything.  when i showed him the photo, he blushed and ran out of the kitchen. )