PHOT0 365 – DAY 34: TYPO…

Posted on April 11, 2011


DAY THIRTY FOUR:  notice anything?

no?  hmmm… look a little closer…

ok.  so it’s a crappy photo.  read the last line in black.  “part of you daily routine.”  “you”.  “you”?  perhaps they mean “your”.  i would be pissed if i marketed my product all over the country just to find a typo on the back of my packaging.  pissed, i say!!

all jokes aside, this is taste nirvana coconut water.  out of all the coconut waters i’ve tried, i must say this one is the best tasting one (even if it kinda tastes like corn and sorta smells like popcorn).  it is naturally sweet and has no additives of any kind.  my second choice would be vitacoco, but it has a strange aftertaste that is probably due to the added vitamin c. 

i’m still not a fan of coconut water and wouldn’t drink it “just because” b/c well, quite frankly, i think a banana, twice a day, tastes better.  BUT… this stuff gets me through very intense boxing workouts.  my muscles don’t cramp, i don’t get dehydrated and i generally just feel like i have a bit more energy.  it is also supposed to work wonders on the metabolism and aid in weight loss.  and for that, i’ll keep it on hand.

my sister, though, is in LOVE with the taste nirvana.  in fact, she is in LOVE with the coco water with pulp.  so much so that she bought out the entire supply at the grocery and it is currently invading the top shelf of my fridge.  at $2 per bottle, she probably dropped an entire paycheck on coco water. 

so if you’re thinking of trying coconut water, i would suggest starting with the taste nirvana (non pulpy kind).  if you hate it, you’re going to despise the rest of ’em. 

[and for those of you that say the best coconut water is from those rock hard, furry things in the produce section, think again.  crack that baby open and take a swig… NASTY!!  acceptable, drinkable coconut water comes from baby coconuts – the soft, green ones.]