Posted on April 12, 2011


i love shoes. 

more than chocolate.  more than hearts.  more than… most people/places/things. 

i LOVE shoes.

my sister showed me these amazing sam edelman espadrille rope wedges a few weeks ago…  i immediately needed them (maybe that’s where silly monkey gets it).  but with a big bday bash to throw for monkey, along with responsibilities like, oh, i don’t know, a mortgage, i passed the urge to order and just whined a lot. 

DAY THIRTY FIVE:  until i found these…

i coveted.

i ordered.

i am in love.

these are not sam edelman.  they’re nyla.  i have an awesome pair of 5″ peep toe mary janes from nyla and love them, so i figured these would be pretty amazing, too. 

i actually ordered these from b/c i had a load of reward certificates to use, along with a $10 off coupon i found in a mag, as well as free shipping.  in all, i barely paid anything out-of-pocket for these beautiful things. 

when i received the first pair, in my regular size, they were way too big.  almost a size too big, if i forced my foot all the way back into the heel.  inserts would not have helped.  and the ankle strap was huge – even buckled on the last hole, it was still loose.  not to mention the defects on the rope – an entire section on one shoe was coming undone.  i was not a happy girl, but i packaged them back up and drop them at fed ex to ship back for an exchange. 

i got notification that they were back in the dsw warehouse the very next morning, but didn’t get a word from dsw until two days later.  and then more days passed and more days passed and… where the hell are my shoes?  i sent them two emails.  the first went unanswered, so i sent a second.  the next day, i received a response to the first. 

apparently, if you do an exchange with dsw, it can take up to two weeks to process.  yikes!  TWO WEEKS!!!??  the email response also told me to call in and they would process my exchange and upgrade my shipping.  so i called.  and i placed my exchange order. 

it shipped. 

i received. 

i am in love. 

they’re perfect!!

BUT… what would have happened if i was a patient person?  in the time it took to send my first pair back for an exchange in size, the other color became sold out.  that time span?  two days.  i would have been pissed if the ones i wanted sold out b/c dsw takes their sweet ass time with exchanges.  so they’re lucky.  b/c i would have gone total bitch.  don’t irritate me when it comes to my shoes!!!  (and don’t ask me why i didn’t take them back and exchange them at the store.  had that been an option, i would have taken it.)

aside from the exchange snafu, i still love dsw.  they have a HUGE selection of great shoes, including luxury brands (gucci, prada, miu miu & prada), and have the best rewards program of any retailer i know of use.  their customer service (via call center, NOT email) is impeccable – i’ve spoken to at least 3 reps in the past month (for various reasons) and they have all been super amazing, friendly and knowledgable. 

now… if the days would warm up, i could strap these beauties on and take them for a test run walk strut…