Posted on April 17, 2011


dear silly monkey –

it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!! 

so, in honor of your FIFTH birthday, please accept these FIVE tips on how to make your transition from FOUR to FIVE a bit more smooth…

1.)  it is called soda.  not pop.  a coke has caffeine & a diet coke is even worse.  so no, you can’t have it.  

2.)  try some new things. in fact, try lots of new things.  if you never try, you never know & you could be missing out on some super rad things, like, roller coasters and tacos!

3.) it is a spider, not a rattlesnake.  and you are the boy & i am the girl, which means YOU are supposed to kill them for ME!

4.)  i did not become your mother to be your friend.  or to make you happy (by way of giving you everything you want!).  the only requirement to being your mother is to keep you safe, healthy & loved.  sometimes that entails “mean”.  and i’m ok with that.  you should be, too.

5.) be brave.  surround yourself by bravery and take it in.  courage is contagious, so if you learn from what you observe, you’ll become your potential.  unless it’s jumping out of airplanes, off a bridge (bungee or no), or anything else life threatening.  swap the danger with hangin’ with your wimpy mama.  (p.s.  don’t call your mama wimpy.)

in ALL seriousness…  you teach me about me, just as i teach you about you.  remember when i broke your lightsaber birthday cake b/c i was all, like, i need to move this over here for AbsolutelyN0ReasonAtAll?!  the one that kept me from lego building with you for a several HOURS?!  and remember when i started crying b/c it was the night before your party and i insisted that everything HAD to be just perfect?! in that moment, i felt alone & frustrated & disappointed & just plain mad.  but, then you hugged me & said, “it’s ok, mommy, we’re gonna eat it anyway.”  such a simple & logical statement – way more realistic than pouring out tears over something that would be destroyed in less than a minute.  but it was  more than that b/c it instantly made me realize that no matter how grand the cake, how perfect the party, the only thing that does fade is the memory of the gesture.  you did that for me, silly monkey.  you truly are the most amazing kiddo i have ever met.  and lucky me, i got you!! 

we’ve been in this together, just the two of us, for a longLONGlong time now.  in retrospect, it’s only been a few years, but the amount of love and fun and adventure and bickering and hugs and everything that goes along with being a super dynamic duo could fill a house of dreams.  and i have my house of dreams – minus the dream house, of course.  if i had to do one thing, and only one thing, for the rest of my life, it would be love you. and i assure you, that is the ONE thing i WILL do for the rest of my life…

i love you. to the moon and back, moon and back, moon and back.  you, my silly monkey, are now more big boy than baby. happy birthday #5.

love, mommy