PHOTO 365 – DAY 57: I AM NOT 32…

Posted on May 4, 2011


monkey had a presentation at school (guess who didn’t show up).  first, they read a story.  then they presented the  little gifts.  then they sang a song.  and then, we had a sugary snack.  though, honestly, after monkey presented me with a mommy questionnaire, my heart was too stunned to notice much else.

DAY FIFTY SEVEN:  the mommy bio…

first, let me point out that i am NOT 32.  not even close!  i mean, i’m only 31.  jeez!  second, i am not 6lbs or 9′ tall.  close, but not quite.  third,  monkey really is a smart cookie.  he knows his stuff.  finally, as the last answer was read aloud, i got giant tears in my eyes.  i know this.  he tells me this.  but hearing AND seeing it… wow.  it was like a **kablewy** of emotions.  as a mother, THIS is what i live for.

yes, monkey.
i love you so much.
i love you, too.
no, what?!
i SAAAAAID… i love you SO MUCH!!
i love you SO MUCH, too, monkey.