PHOTO 365 – DAY 60: YUMyumYUM…

Posted on May 7, 2011


for my brother’s graduation dinner, we ate at genji.  it’s a typical japanese steakhouse where a (most likely) non-japanese person cooks you very un-authentic japanese cuisine hibachi-style.  when my mom was still with us, we would frequent this place for special occasions – birthdays, mother’s days, stuffing our face with YUMYUM sauce anniversaries, etc.  it’s a delicious feast of salad (with ginger dressing, please), miso soup, fried rice, veggies, shrimp and usually, filet mignon and MORE shrimp!  and, of course, double YUMYUM, yum… yum… please.  thank you.


silly monkey doesn’t actually eat anything here.  i always bring a meal or snack for him & he plays with something while the rest of us chow down.

DAY SIXTY:  tonight was no exception.  in fact, he brought the force with him to help his uncle J down a plate full of double fried rice, hold the onions…

of course, monkey also held down the conversation with the “chef” with such starters as:

do you love french fries?
are you gonna make a third fire?
what are you gonna eat for dinner?

and my all-time favorite… do you love everything?

’twas a great time for a great reason.  congrats to my baby brother.