Posted on May 16, 2011


DAY SIXTY NINE – please allow me to introduce you to the ugli fruit…

pretty ugly, huh?  in fact, the uglier it is, the tastier it  is.  it’s sort of a cross between an orange and a sweet grapefruit…

(yea, they’re wrong).

my mom and i used to come across these when we went on our joint grocery adventures.  we always stopped, picked one up, giggled at the name, put it back and walked away.  not only is it ugly, but it also feels gross to touch.  like a rotten orange.  a reallyREALLYreally firm, yet rotten orange. 

on one excursion, the produce guy offered to let us try it.  my mom shouted “OK!” before i even had a chance to process his offer.  so he grabbed one, washed up his hands, peeled it and handed us samples. 

we both held it for a moment, smelled it and then, like a shot, shoved it into our mouths. 


sort of gives new meaning to “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

i jumped for joy when i saw these in a mound at the store.  i instantly grinned and whipped out my phone to take a photo (or two).  several other patrons stared at me – the crazy lady taking photos of weird produce.  but my mind shifted almost immediately.  and then i felt a cloud of overwhelming sadness.  these ugly ugli fruits are not on my list of “things” that don’t remind me of my mom. 

i was tempted to buy one, but refrained.  i would’ve wanted to share it with her.  i’m sure i’ll eventually cave and grab a few (b/c seriously, they are mighty tasty).  but, really, i would’ve wanted to share it with her.