Posted on May 21, 2011


my sister and i are known to others as the “elle sisters”.  you know, b/c we are danyelle & michelle (and therefore require a name for the two of us, as one entity.) she regularly calls me “danyelle”  (though pronounced, DINyelle) and i refer to her as “mich” (meesh). my mother gave us two very non-french girls, very french names.

for a period during my high school years, i would call my sister “milly”.  there was no rhyme or reason and she ALWAYS hated it.  for a bit, she countered by calling me “dilly”.  but then moved on to calling me “porcupine”.  it made no sense, whatsoever (unless it related to my completely painful personalityha.), but it’s one of those (very many) nicknames that i can still recall (other infamous ones include:  yellbo & eskimo).  on occasion, she will still call me “porcupine”.

for that very reason, i have had a bit of a soft spot for porcupines.  not real ones, obviously, though i do find them curiously adorable (maybe THAT’S why she started calling me that!!). (btw, the rest of this post has nothing to do with nicknames.)

DAY SEVENTY FOUR:  and that is why, today, when my aunt H gave me this book, i knew it would instantly be a favorite…

“How Do You Hug a Porcupine?” by Laurie Isop wins the 3rd annual Cheerios® New Author Contest!  Laurie Isop won the top prize for her story, “How Do You Hug a Porcupine?” In addition to winning a $5,000 cash prize from Cheerios®, Laurie will have her book published by Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing Division.

silly monkey really enjoyed it.  when we got to the last page (and essentially, the answer), he let out a big “OHHHH” and giggled uncontrollably.  it’s a great little story!

cheerios is holding their current contest now through july and i’m tempted to submit a story i’ve written.  might be neat to be known as someone other than that lady that writes about a bunch of nonsense on her little unknown blog.  or the chick that tweets about nail polish.  maybe.