Posted on May 22, 2011


shhhh.  don’t tell…

* i wash my face four times a day.  twice in the morning.  twice at night.  first with face wash.  then with baking soda.  once to get my makeup off.  once to exfoliate.  gently. 

* i grind my teeth.  a lot.  it makes sleepovers scary.  i could keep someone up ALL night and not even realize it.  and not in a good way.  you must really love me if you want to stay the night.  in the same room.


* i LOVE photoshop and i run almost every photo i post through some sort of filter b/c i LOVE filters.  (mostly b/c my photography abilities are a bit limited.  and i have a slightly crappy flash.)

DAY SEVENTY FIVE:  take for instance, this photo…

me.  my hair.  my face (minus a few under eye circles).  with minimal color correction, altered contrast & slight lens flare.  but me.  totally me.

and this one?

again, 100% me.  but, majorly cropped with contrast & brightness changes.

what’s that?  you want proof?  a comparison?  fine…


on the left:  uh huh, me again with my less than spectacular side profile – scar on forehead & mole above lip still intact, though slight diminishing of the under eye puffiness and some color correction & dark contrast are added below a retro-ish grain (to make it, not me, look a bit older). 

on the right:  same exact photos as above.  same side profile.  same dark circles.  same scar.  same mole.  just with no correction or filters.

i don’t need to alter the photos, per se, but i like playing with them.   so i do.