Posted on June 15, 2011


i had a lovely vacation.

two weeks of amazing relaxation and fun.

monkey and i did a bunch of non-obligatory things, such as:  sleeping in, making pancakes for dinner, baking a chocolate cake just b/c we wanted something chocolatey, laying by the pool ALL day, drawing on his bedroom walls, watching “the secret of nimh” and “the sword in the stone” (yay for vintage!!), mini bowling and duck chasing.

i watched two wonderful people pledge their lives to each other.  and then i shook my booty on the dance floor.  in fabulous 4.5″ heels, no less.  in their honor, of course.

we used up two, yes TWO, giant bottles of sunscreen.  we got hair cuts (and a little color).  we played with swords.  we made cinnamon muffins and butter cake.  we put legos in the shower.

monkey built a space ship, a house, a flower, a ramp and a family portrait from blocks.   he had a movie night with his auntie H and uncle D.  he also showed his uncle J how to play lego star wars on the wii.

we watched firefighters hose down a house.

i only did the dishes when i HAD to (so… everyday).  i only did the laundry when i HAD to (which was actually once b/c yea, we have a lot of clothes).  we only watched tv while meals were being cooked and to lull us into slumber.

we laughed.  and chuckled.  and giggled.

we skipped.  and splashed.  and snuggled.

                        and i wish we could do it all over again.

                                                                                        all day.  every day.

i love that kid with every fiber of my being.  i have no doubts that his fibers belong to me, as well.