Posted on June 16, 2011


DAY ONE HUNDRED:  monkey & i had dinner at chik-fil-a with my sister, mich.  the parking lot was unusually full.  and there were pink & red balloons everywhere.  along with red tablecloths and pink napkins.

it was apparently daddy/daughter date night. 

we stayed anyway b/c 1.  they let us and 2.  we were hungry. (they also gave us a cute little stuffed cow & some balloons, even though i’m not a “daddy” and monkey is not a “daughter”.)

as i looked around at all the men with their daughters, i couldn’t help but feel a bit sad.  i never had that relationship with my own father.  but a moment of clarity made me realize that my mom filled that role so well that i never longed for it as a child, as a teenager or as a young adult.  and when i looked over at silly monkey, it cemented something i think about often…

she taught me more about motherhood than i could have ever learned from anyone else.

love is powerful.