Posted on June 18, 2011


it’s been a rough few days.  i’ve been on some new medication (for all of my non-bloggy [maybe later bloggy], private stuff, of course.  but don’t worry.  i’m not dying!) and i’ve yet to adjust.  so far, i’m pretty sure they work fabulously.  that is, until they wear off.  and then i’m just… uncomfortable or nauseous or starving.  maybe a combo of two.  or even all of them.  i can’t figure it out.  i don’t think the dosage it right, which really can jack you up.  i’ve also lost 4.5lbs in the past 3 days, so i’m not exactly sure what’s happening with me.  all i know is this… i am exhausted.  and i can’t sleep.

i was hoping to feel well enough to head out with some friends tonight to see one of them play in a band.  after my afternoon grocery shopping excursion, i was physically exhausted ($130 saved via coupons, dude!!), had a headache and figured it was best to stick close to home.  on my couch.


DAY ONE HUNDRED and TWO:  me, in all my natural, yet wired, glory…

now, who wants to come tell me a bedtime story???