Posted on June 29, 2011


in honor of my friend’s bday, monkey & i baked cupcakes, which we then covered in high heel shaped sprinkles.  surprise, surprise.  i live in the house of sugarSUGARsugar.  (at least 99% of leaves the house before it enters my mouth!)

we had left over cake batter & buttercream after making the half batch of cupcakes, so monkey asked me to make a little cake that tasted like the cupcakes, but wasn’t cupcakes.  i, of course, obliged.

DAY ONE HUNDRED and THIRTEEN:  behold!  the two layer cake…

just a traditional two-layer yellow butter cake, with (lard free) buttercream icing.  i ran out of icing after i (barely) finished the top design, so we covered the sides with chocolate chips.  would’ve been prettier with coconut, but monkey will NOT eat coconut.  and now, thinking, it would’ve been better to use mini chips.  oh well.  he was happy and that’s all that matters.

on a side note:  after a i filled the birthday girl’s container, i put four cupcakes in the fridge.  before i went to bed last night, my sister had announced she had eaten three of them.  that’s, like, a stick of butter and a cup of sugar.  gross.