Posted on July 3, 2011


i miss monkey.  18 days without him may just kill me!  i have made a list of to-dos a mile long.  after grooming my cat (NOT a metaphor!  100% literal!!), the next thing to do was to clean up and organize the house.

i swapped the ginormous ottoman for monkey’s old train table, so he could have a place (other than my entire living room floor) to house his legos.  after that, i got the brilliant idea to sort his legos into type.

DAY ONE HUNDRED and SEVENTEEN:  bazillions of pieces…

one huge underbed container to six organized containers.  flats to one.  blocks to one.  shapes to another.   car/house/ship/boat/specialized pieces to a fourth.

a fifth container now houses monkey’s “half put together” projects.  the sixth…

in that there giant lego head…

hundreds, if not thousands, of minifigs, parts & accessories (and a couple of horses).

i started to worry when i began sorting through these.  99% of them were hairless, maskless, helmetless or hatless.  98% of them were headless.  95% didn’t have legs.  90% of them didn’t have arms.  and 88% didn’t have hands.  before tossing them into the giant lego head, i gave each one the necessary parts.  5 are now missing legs and 4 still need at least one arm and/or one hand.  perhaps the dog ate them.

so why did i spend 6 hours, on a sunday, sorting thru a mass mess of legos that monkey will likely pour directly on the floor when he returns in two weeks?

BECAUSE MONKEY IS GONE FOR TWO WEEKS!!!  and i’m sad.  and i miss him.

(note to self:  add “find something productive to do!!” to the to-do list)