Posted on July 6, 2011


alternate post title = PHOTO 365 – DAY 120:  STUFF A SOCK IN IT…

my sister walked into my office today and told me i looked like i was going to a wedding.  apparently my up-do and hair flowers were a little formal for the office.  perhaps they were also too formal for my morning meeting, as well.

quite frankly, i don’t give a crap if i’m too formal for anything.  i’ll wear heels to the grocery store, thigh high boots to the park.  an updo and flowers to work.  i am just one of those gals that gets up everyday and makes hair & makeup part of the daily regimen.  i spent manyMANY years being the butt of someone’s joke, always put down and made to feel less than stellar, so after i realized that i was farFARfar too stellar to allow that, i started to put a whole lot more stock into me.  for me.

and it shows.

this was today’s hair…

as i was on the phone with a client, i heard mich sneak up behind me and snap a photo.

wtf are you doing?
i’m taking a pic of your hair.
to send to my friend.
b/c it’s THAT amazing?
actually, we were watching SATC the other day & she shouted “wtf is wrong with carrie?  wearing those giant flowers.”  so i told her you wear giant flowers.  on your head.
these aren’t really all that big today.
yea, those aren’t as big as the others.  **laughter** she said… “that’s actually cute.”
of course it is!
you look like you’re going to a wedding.  what’s in there anyway?
a sock.
a sock?
yes… a brand new, half scissored off sock.  you take a sock and cut…
a sock?
oh my…

i love my sister, but we are obviously two VERY different gals.  i actually DO my hair.

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