Posted on August 8, 2011


alternate post title = PHOTO 365 – DAYS 147-153:  B/C I SHOES.  STILL…

i purchased an amazing pair of seychelles a few months ago.  they were on sale, orange, suede, platformed and i needed them.  all the reviews said to order 1/2 size up.  so i ordered 1/2 size up.

i ripped into the package when they arrived, strapped them on and almost cried.  they were TOO BIG!

i will never listen to those people again.

i fitfully threw them back into their awesome seychelles slider box and tossed them onto my bedroom chair.  days.  weeks.  months went by and i almost completely forgot about them. and when i noticed them still sitting there well after i should have returned them, i figured i better try to return them before they were officially worth nothing more than another tantrum.  of course, i tried them on again first.  still too big.  still so sad.

i ran them back into the store and was told i would only get “current sale price”, which totally bummed me out b/c i figured they would be wayWAY cheaper now, you know, since they don’t have them anymore.  my other option was to get the exact same pair that they sold out of months ago.  so yea.  i choose one of those non-options as my option.

my sad face apparently got them to agree to allow me to exchange them for another pair of seychelles, same value, that i also needed b/c holy caca… blue, silver, buckles, peep toe and… also.  on sale.

but the beauty of these on sale meant they ended up being under, WAY under, the value of the other amazing seychelles.  so i picked another pair to you know, make up for the difference.

but the beauty of these on sale meant they were deeply discounted on top of that sale.  as in sale due to last pair.  and especially tagged for gals with little feet.  such as me.  thank you.

i brought my choices to the register to see what extra i was going to have to pay, after my exchange, after my complaint of slight damage to the suede and after my coupon.

exchange credit = MUCHmuch higher than i actually paid b/c OMG!  sold out babies are currently on sale in some universe for MORE than previous sale. PLUS.  new blue baby seychelles.  on sale.  minus extra sale.  minus damage discount.  PLUS.  black patent SMs.  on sale.  minus extra sale.  MINUS.  coupon.  EQUALS.  $16.  in my pocket.

seeeeeeee!  procrastination does pay sometimes!