Posted on April 17, 2012


dear silly monkey –

happy birthday, to you…
happy birthday, to you…
happy birthday, dear silly monkey.
you’re totally NOT a baby anymore & OMG i already cried twice today b/c that’s what nostalgia crazed mommy’s do.

what?!  it SO rhymes! 

in honor of your SIXTH birthday, please accept these SIX tips on how to make your transition from FIVE to SIX a bit more smooth…

1.)  “no” means NO.  “i don’t think so” means NO.  “maybe” usually means NO.  “we’ll see” normally means NO.  so, in a nutshell, unless the answer is “yes”, “yep”, “of course”, “certainly” or any other non-ambiguous, positive affirming word or phrase, assume the answer is NO until i declare otherwise.  when i do say YES, think of how awesome you’ll feel!!

2.)  do not get angry when i correct your spelling or penmanship.  notice i always preface, “for next time…”,which does not necessitate a tantrum, scribbles or erasing to grind holes into paper.  take pride in what & how you write, and then develop.  take criticism without defeat.  recognize  there’s a difference between efforts to thwart your growth and efforts to launch you forward.  embrace those that facilitate success.

3.)  always wash your hands after you clip your fingernails.  all sorts of gross crap was hiding under those nails & now it’s all over your hands.  i mean, you wouldn’t eat a bowl full of dirt and boogers, would you?  oh, and while i’m on this topic, clip your fingernails.

4.) don’t be a bully or a victim.  never instigate, always stimulate.  stand up for what you believe in, not just who you care about.

5.)  you have the BIGGEST room in the entire house – bigger than the whole main floor!  and it’s equipped with spacious tv & play areas, as well as it’s very own bathroom!!  it is totally ok if you spend some time in it.   GO AHEAD… BUILD!  DRAW!   it really is not crucial for me to WATCH  you play.  plus, there is nothing in the living room, dining room or kitchen to lead to anything but opportunities of trouble. 

6.)  everyday, you are given a gift.  from the time you wake up, to the time you fall asleep at night, you were given the gift of a day.  please don’t waste it, this precious time, on anything that does not make you a good person, does not make you happy, and does not lead to a better tomorrow.  and play outside.

in ALL seriousness…  we’ve been through so much this year – a kind of metamorphosis.  for the past four years, we have been a super pair – just mommy & monkey.  together, we always knew that if was just the two of us for the forseeable future, we’d totally be fine with it.  we have never needed anyone else, but i’m certain that both of us have always held a deep-seeded desire for a male figure who would not simply accept us, as a package deal, but who would also love us as if he had been there from day one.  and now we have him.  now we have B. 

do you remember my very first date with B?  you should – you were there!  he took us to the movies, to the park, bought us dinner & played board games with us.  for hours.  you whispered to him, “you should marry my mom”, after dragging him just out of my earshot.  in that instant, the idea of three became reality b/c our family of two transformed into a family of three.  next month, on the day of your choosing, we are getting married.  not just me and B, but all three of us.  we already had a bond through love – something truly endless – now we get to share it.  and you know, if i had to do one thing, and only one thing, for the rest of my life, it would be love you. and i assure you, that is the ONE thing i WILL do for the rest of my life…

i love you – more & more & more each and every day.  i love watching you grow and learn, mature and succeed.  and today, i look at you with tears in my eyes, and see just how selfish time can be – b/c today marks SIX whole years since you came into my life.  happy, happy birthday, silly monkey.  happy birthday #6!

love, mommy