Posted on November 1, 2012


day one:

i am thankful for a child who, at age 6.5, will still give me kisses in front of his friends.  ***gaaaaasp!  whaaaaat!***  in fact, he also freely hugs me and tells me he loves me, in public!  and while he is usually super embarrassed if i fix his hair or clean his face, he will allow it… if we just face away from the onlookers. 

and secondly…

i am thankful for a spouse who holds my hand and kisses me, in public, and regularly tells me he loves me in front of his friends.  that, right there, is a true man.  mine.

(on another note.  maybe i should save one these “thanksfuls” for tomorrow.  what will i ever do if i can’t think of 30 different things??  am i allowed to recycle?!)