Posted on November 2, 2012


day two:

polka dot, polka dot, samples…

i am thankful for my wardrobe. 

i am thankful for my fabulously full, colorful, dotted, striped and diverse wardrobe, which was recently topped off with mass amounts of new dresses, sweaters, tops, skirts & pants {oh my} scored by my wonderful husband & his diligent digging at the latest AF sample sale. 

and as happy as i can possibly be in my newly {albeit temporary} expanded state, in my new {albeit temporary} expanded dresses, leggings & sweaters, i truly miss my skinny jeans and super fitted pencil skirts and tiny peplum dresses – sometimes so much so i have literally stretched the life out of handful of tank tops and cardigans {i have since apologized to each article}. 

granted, i am aware i can’t wear 90% of it for {at least} the next 6 months, but i am comforted with the thought that it’s all there waiting for me – hanging patiently and pretty – for when i’ve shrunken down to normal human size.