Posted on November 3, 2012


day three:

i am thankful for miracles.  {ok, so perhaps not in the literal sense or definition of miracles, but miracles none-the-less.}

my monkey… a miracle in itself after a devastating loss.  my B… a miracle in love, who, just as i, thought forever was no longer a realistic life option.  and my babyA… a miracle in my belly after nearly six years of infertility.

whoever or whatever decided i deserve what i have dreamed of my entire life {a happy, full family filled to the brim with love & laughter} put this gal through lots & lots of heartache before allowing her to see that with every hurt comes strength.  and with every pain comes gain.

i’m not sure i’ll ever believe “everything happens for a reason”, but i can certainly see there is a reason everything happens.