Posted on November 4, 2012


day four:

i am thankful for my reading monkey {no doubt where he gets it!}.  not only is he reading at nearly a second grade level – a whole bunch of “levels” ahead of where he needs to be, but he does it b/c he loves it.

every night before bed, he reads us a book and then B or i read him a book.  on some occasions, he asks for a BIG book and we alternate pages.  and not only does he read, he questions what he reads and how words are spelled.  for instance…

C:  mommy, can i just spell earth “rth”?
D:  ummm, no.
C:  but, “rth” sounds like earth.  “earth” sounds like EAR-th.  does the earth have ears?  is that why it’s spelled like that?

i have a smartSMART boy.  a boy who loves to learn, even if he says he hates school.