10 random things: the HUSBAND edition…

ten random things about HUSBAND

*one* HUSBAND is B.  HUSBAND is truly the most amazing man on the planet. 

*two*  HUSBAND is the love of HER life.  HUSBAND has given her more than SHE coud ever imagine possible.  HUSBAND is a good man.

*three* HUSBAND was born a handful of years before HER.  SHE finds it humorous when HUSBAND calls her old, considering HUSBAND is SO MUCH older!!  it’s all in good fun.  SHE just reminds HUSBAND that when they’re both actually old, people will look at them and say “hmmm… what’s that young lady doing with that old fart”. 

*four* HUSBAND could not be picky to save his life.  but it’s all good b/c SHE and HE are picky as all get up.  HUSBAND will eat pretty much anything {save for tomatoes & pickles}, wear anything and sit anywhere.  HUSBAND may possibly be the most agreeable person alive!

*five*  HUSBAND’S favorite color is red – likely in homage to his precious Ohio State Buckeyes.

*six*  HUSBAND’S favorite candy is reese’s peanut butter cups.  though HUSBAND doesn’t have them much b/c we keep a pretty healthy, sugarless existence.  most of the time.

*seven*  HUSBAND loves golf.  HUSBAND would play a round everyday the sun comes out if he could.  because of this, SHE is likely to see HUSBAND with a golfers tan during most of the warm months.

*eight*  HUSBAND is an amazing listener.  as we know, SHE can go on and on and on and on about just about nothing.  and even though SHE can tell HUSBAND has sometimes tuned HER out, SHE appreciates HUSBAND’S effort in faking his undivided attention. 

*nine*  HUSBAND yells at the tv during sporting events.  SHE thinks it’s kind of cute that HUSBAND is so passionate about it.  SHE thinks it’s more amazing that HUSBAND gets over it pretty quickly and never lets it ruin a good day.

*ten*  HUSBAND is the most supportive person SHE has ever encountered.  HUSBAND and SHE fell in love instantly and love each other more today than any day that’s come before.  together, HUSBAND and SHE have created a life full of happiness, love and laughter.  a family of four.

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