bracelets for betty: b4b

we wear grey for betty
we wear grey for brain cancer awareness

bracelets for betty (b4b) is a fundraiser danyelle aronovsky scheibeck started in honor of her mother, betty, in september 2006.

betty was diagnosed with stage iv glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in august 2006. after a yearlong battle, three craniotomies and one 12 week round of daily radiation/chemo, with the start of another, betty passed away in august 2007. she is survived by her sisters, daughters, son, grandson and nephews.

b4b sells handmade bracelets (and sometimes other jewelry items), made by danyelle. beading was a hobby shared by mother and daughter. before and during her illness, betty assisted danyelle in stringing beads. a portion of all sales are donated to brain cancer research, in betty’s memory.

all bracelets include at least one grey bead to represent brain cancer awareness.  questions can be sent via email to b4binfo [at] gmail [dot] com.

** please note, b4b is NOT a charity organization and we do not have preferred tax status. instead, we are committed to continue on with a craft that created much happiness for betty. b4b also allows us to honor betty by donating in her memory. **

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