10 random things: the HER edition…

ten random things about HER

*one*  SHE was born in the late 70’s, almost a month early. SHE didn’t want to wait –  could explain the current impatience problem.

*two*  SHE loves HER silly monkey.  HE is HER world.  and though SHE always knew SHE wanted to have children, SHE never knew how much it would affect and change HER life.  grateful doesn’t begin to explain how thankful SHE is to her body… despite the fact that it most likely won’t allow HER any more.

*three*  SHE loves all things fashion, but cannot stand the avant-garde styles that flounce on couture runways.  they’re amazing, alright… amazingly scary. SHE lives for anthropolgie dresses & leggings, coach accessories & VIP sales, DSW clearance, SAKS fall sales and nordstrom price matching.  if you find HER wearing pants, SHE must have laundry to do.

*four*  SHE hates all things germy and keeps hand sanitizer in HER purse, HER car and in HER desk.  SHE’s also been known to use the hand sanitizer pump at the gas station, should SHE be in a pinch.  SHE is also the girl who buys new clothes before a camping trip… some of which are white (and SHE will be upset if you touch HER with your dirty hands).

*five*  SHE fixated on learning how to do a fishtail braid.  and it took HER nearly 3 months to get a good one in HER hair.  now SHE can’t get enough…

*six*  SHE doesn’t sleep well.  SHE just so happens to be the lightest sleeper known to man.  SHE can fall asleep, but SHE can’t stay asleep.

*seven*  SHE is lactose intolerant.  SHE learned this when SHE was in high school, after years and years of being forced to drink milk twice per day – with breakfast and with dinner.  most asians are lactose intolerant, and since SHE is half asian…

*eight*  SHE is half asian!  HER mother was 100% beautiful, amazing and korean.  HER dad is a mishmash of eastern european-ness.  a guy once told HER she couldn’t be korean b/c HER eyes aren’t “slanty” (eww!!)!  people regularly ask if SHE is puerto rican, mexican or hawaiian.  

*nine*  SHE hates roller coasters and jet skis.  they do something to HER stomach that is only acceptable after SHE inhales a pint of non-lactose free ice cream.

*ten*  SHE is married after manyMANYmany years of singleton/divorcee status.  SHE has realized princess is no longer an option.  perhaps it’s b/c SHE is much better suited to be queen., but her husband believes she is more in line with queen.  SHE is grateful to have found a wonderful, selfless and giving man.  life is fantastic!

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