10 random things: the HIM edition…

ten random things about HIM

*one* HE is silly monkey.  HE is HER silly monkey (and only HER silly monkey).  if someone else calls HIM silly monkey, HE quickly corrects them.

*two*  HE is the love of HER life.  if not for HIM, SHE might have gone off the deep end at some point in the past three years…

*three* HE was born two weeks early, not so long ago… on purpose… b/c HER body couldn’t take it anymore (medically, of course).  HE didn’t cry for almost a minute.

*four* HE hates meat.  and HE can smell it from a mile away.  though, hot dogs (hebrew national, only!) and an occasional chicken nugget do not count as meat.  HE swears he hates bagels (HE doesn’t) and tater tots (HE doesn’t).  HE is also lactose intolerant.  just like HER.

*five*  HIS favorite color is blue, even though HE now says it’s black.  HE is willing to share his favorite color, provided you bribe HIM.

*six*  HIS favorite candy is (are?) tootsie rolls.  they are to HIM what manolos are to HER – necessary for a happy existence.  HE also favors mint.

*seven*  HE loves all things off-limits.  in fact, HE is HIS own worst enemy.  frequently, HE’LL begin a tantrum just to see what will happen.  it’s usually a viewing of the back of HIS bedroom door.

*eight*  HE hates all things quiet.  screaming is a favorite past-time.  HE has an amazing vocal range.

*nine*  HE is obsessed with star wars and lego.  SHE has been known to google a character, just so SHE knows what HE is talking about.

*ten*  HE tells HER that SHE is “the best mommy in the whole world”.  HE also tells HER that she “makes the best pancakes, cupcakes and frosting”.  HE used to want to marry HER, but has since changed HIS mind.  HE tells her SHE is still not allowed to have a boyfriend, husband or baby.

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  1. is he yours?

    this is a gorgeous picture…


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