30 DAYS OF THANKFUL: #13-#25…

Posted on November 25, 2012


day thirteen:
i am thankful for allowable procrastination.  the end.

day fourteen:
i am thankful for B’s pajama pants.  without them, i would be a cranky preggy lady stretching dresses in the winter. 

day fifteen:
i am thankful for pay-day.  the end. 

day sixteen:
i am thankful for awesome friends.  had a lovely dinner at brio with the lovely jennifer for her 30th birthday!!  i cherish the time i get to spend with people worth spending time with.  and i love that she and her crew not only embraced me as a late entrant, but also B as my plus-one.  as overwhelming as going back to school has been for the past year+, meeting jennifer has made it worthwhile.   she’s a super rad girl & i can’t imagine not having her in my life. 

day seventeen:
i am thankful for having a husband who “does things” – around the house things – without putting it off or complaining.  whether it’s moving a piece of furniture, hanging curtains or putting together an incessant amount baby items, he does it… right then, right there.  i never have to worry things won’t get done b/c they ALWAYS get done.  furniture moved, curtains hung, baby items assembled.  and when i go home tonight, i’m pretty certain the laundry will be washed & folded and the dishwasher will be empty b/c that is the kind of man i married.  a responsible, clean, organized and helpful man.  of all the types of people i could have chosen to spend my life with, i chose the right one.  the one. 

day eighteen:
i am thankful for the decaf, non-fat, sugar-free peppermint mocha.  the end. 

day nineteen:
i am thankful for my angie.  yes.  mine.  i was lucky to find such a rad sitter for monkey, but in her i also found a great friend.  she has my back and i have hers.  our boys are besties & it is so great to see them growing up together, by each other and (hoping they) carry a close bond through adulthood – kinda like angie’s hubby & mine.  OH & then there’s that.  without her and her lack of secret conversation keeping, B and i wouldn’t be together.  she may have even pushed it a little by screaming “i want D and B to hook up!” one cold halloween party evening.  so much for not playing matchmaker!!!   in no time at all, our two little families became one big family – and i couldn’t ask for better people to love my kiddos.  i have no doubt angie will be part of my life for many, many, many years to come.  love.  that.  girl.

day twenty:
i am thankful for monkey’s laugh.  in the worst mood ever, it can bring me back to life.  it’s infectious.  and contagious.  and heartwarming.  and loveable.  every time i hear his giggle, i just want to scoop him up and squeeze more giggles out.  so i do.  b/c i can. 

day twenty-one:
i am thankful for panera’s greek salad.  it is the one filling item i can eat for lunch and NOT drive me to a sugar crash.  yum. 

day twenty-two:
i am thankful for my baking abilities.  there is {almost} nothing better than hearing my two favorite boys tell me how amazing my cinnamon muffins (silly monkey’s favorite) and chocolate chip cookies (B’s favorite) are – even through half full mouths and crumbs all around.  if there is one thing i can do, it is bake, which is interesting b/c just a few short TEN years ago or so, i couldn’t bake to save my life.  goods were either burnt or underdone.  i suppose the past several years have given me the gift of patience and accuracy – two things necessary to bake an awesome cake or batch of cookies.  monkey will always have the coolest birthday cake and best birthday snacks for school (ie. star wars light saber stabbed “cookie” cupcakes) and B will always have to watch his sugar intake (since he’s my #1 taster). 

day twenty-three:
i am thankful for a determined and protective husband.  not only did B brave target on thanksgiving day, he did it alone.  yes.  ALONE!  in fact, he refused to even let me stand in line with him b/c he was sure there would be some idiot who would shove/bump/push me (whether on accident or purpose) and land him in jail with a swollen hand.  but he was out in the not-so-cold (thank goodness) to wrangle me a new christmas tree and the BIG gift for monkey.  i’m not sure i can say enough good things about my husband.  he’s just a good man.  a very good man. 

day twenty-four:
i am thankful for my lil bro.  he is truly the best uncle in the world.  he & monkey are such a silly pair and they love each other soSOso much!  i’ve said it many times before, but i truly believe they have the best male-to-male bond monkey has in his life.  a perfect duo!!!

day twenty-five:
i am thankful for a closet full of stretchy h&m and forever21 dresses.  they have served me well throughout the past 8+ months of pregnancy.  i have undoubtedly ruined them for future use, but at least i looked cute doing it.