Posted on April 17, 2013


dear silly monkey –

believe it, dude – you are seven!! 

i have no idea who i would be today, if i hadn’t been who i was with you, every day before.  oh, monkey, you are the greatest kiddo ever – full of compassion and empathy, life and love, spirit and adventure.  of course, it would make much sense if you toned down the arguing.  i truly am with you, and not at all against you.  i digress, b/c i suppose those thoughts and that behavior is all part of being a kid and you’ll outgrow it.  soon.  hopefully.  but, even with all of the gahSETTLEdowns, i would neverEver, not even for a second, choose to have you any other way.  though it would be nice to lose the headaches, facePalms, “whoaDon’tTouchThat”s and “seriouslyDude”s, i can not imagine losing your silliness, happiness and just plain awesomeness.

so, in honor of your SEVENTH birthday, please accept these SEVEN tips on how to make your transition from SIX to SEVEN a bit more smooth…

1.)  if you ask me a question and i answer it, THE END.  asked.  answered.  “why” need not apply.  especially on repeat for ten minutes, conservatively. 

2.)  it would be wise for you to aspire to be a leader, not simply the boss.  there is a mind-numbingly HUGE difference between the two.  while we must follow him/her, we don’t usually respect or admire the boss.  the leader, however, inspires you to reach for potential you don’t even know you have.  (by the way, a true leader never needs to convince someone to follow.)

3.)  music is soothing and i, wholeheartedly, support your request for music at bedtime.  it’s just that the volume doesn’t need to be in the top quarter quadrant.  although you love it, i get sick of listening to adele, on repeat, all night long. 

4.)  if you want things, you need money.  if you need money, there are several ways for you to earn some!!  get used to chores,  you’ll have them for the next 11 years.  and after that, if not sooner, you’ll be employed and the bulk of that work will be comparable to busy work.  in essence, chores.

5.)  “you didn’t tell me!” is not a valid excuse for failing to start or complete a task.  reminders to brush your teeth, get dressed, do your homework, feed the cat, blahBLAHblah, are unnecessary considering they are YOUR daily responsibilities.  unless you want rotted teeth, poor grades, a starving kitty and a super frustrated parents.  be proactive!

6.)  DO NOT put the baby’s toys in your mouth or between your toes.  ’nuff said.

7.)  it is farFARfar better to pause & contemplate right from wrong, than to act impulsively without thinking.  if it takes a whole five minutes for you to determine something would not be in  your best interest, that is a whole five minutes more of brain power and a whole day less of trouble.

in ALL seriousness… and please forgive me – i feel a little overwhelmed and weepy today.  you see, as you turn seven, part me cannot comprehend how this day has arrived  so rapidly.  i appreciate you still WANT to be my snuggle monkey, but it’s the hard-driven evidence of your ridiculously quick growth that makes me realize you NEED me a whole lot less.  it sort of feels like i’m standing alone.  in the cold.  during an ice storm.  without a coat.  of course, it is entirely unfair to burden you with my mommy emotions, so i say just this – the love i have felt for you, over your seven whole years on earth, is so immense that i am often torn between wishing for a life rewind to enjoy it all over again and letting it all play out to see the amazing man you will, obviously, become. 

 a wise man* once said, “and in the end, it’s not the YEARS in your life that count.  it’s the LIFE in your years.”  your life is pretty darn awesome and your years are packed to the hilt with that awesome life.  you have given me the same.  one day, you’ll have the foresight to understand why i have made every choice i have made – often sacrificing me for you.  and you know, if i had to do one thing, and only one thing, for the rest of my life, it would be love you. and i assure you, that is the ONE thing i WILL do for the rest of my life…

i love you.  my heart had never been whole until the day i held your sweet monkey chunk in my arms.  seven years ago.  today.  on your birthday.  happy, happy SEVENTH birthday, silly monkey!  grow, be tall and show the world what they’re up against.

love, mommy


* quote credit:  Edward J. Stieglitz